Our Story

Operating in the fields of electronics, space, defense, and aviation, RST was founded in 2012.

As a solution-oriented company serving in civil and military fields, it has started its activities in Hacettepe Technopolis in order to make our country more effectively in developments in aviation, electronics, space and defense. It continues to work on innovative and creative projects with its expert personnel who have experience in engineering and project management and closely follow technological developments.

RST carries out the design, development and production activities of high-tech software, hardware and system solutions in accordance with national and international standards. With its projects, it focuses on gaining an independent and national know-how on the design of critical systems and having the production competence of these systems. This know-how can be classified as RF front end microwave and millimeter wave technologies and signal processing for transceiver units and remote sensing systems.


Our History

  • 5April, 2012 – Establishment of RST – We are in METU Technopolis
  • 5February 2014 – ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificate
  • 5August, 2013 – Moving to Hacettepe Technopolis
  • 5May, 2013 – RST took part for the first time at IDEF
  • 5June, 2016 – Signing of the first TEYDEB project
  • 5June, 2016 – Obtaining the METRAD locality document
  • 5April 2018 – The first international fair, our export target
  • 5January, 2019 – RST signing the first SSB main contractor contract
  • 5August, 2019 – We grow, we exceed 50 people
  • 5November, 2021 – 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection Radar (DORUK) product was delivered to Korea.
  • 5December, 2021 – Acceptance has been completed for the delivery of the EMI/GPR Sensor Integrated IED Detection Robot (GAMBI) to EGM.

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