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Our Quality Policy

In order to provide quality and unique products and services in the fields of electricity and electronics for the national and international civil and military sectors, we are committed to implement the following with the participation of all company employees at all levels of the organization:

  • Fulfilling its responsibilities to its customers in a fast, effective, reliable and exceeding customer expectations,
  • Designing, producing / performing and delivering products and services in accordance with national and international standards using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions,
  • Continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System, using technological infrastructure elements and ensuring the continuity of the system,
  • In order to provide quality and unique products and services in the fields of electricity and electronics for the national and international civil and military sectors

kuruluşun her seviyesinde tüm şirket çalışanlarının katılımı ile uygulamayı taahhüt eder.

Our Environmental Policy

We perform our activities to;

  • Leave a clean and healthy environment to the new generations,
  • Use energy, raw materials and natural resources efficiently,
  • Minimize and prevent the adverse environmental impacts at source through product life cycle,
  • Prioritize climate change and sustainability in all activities,
  • Raise environmental awareness of our employees, stakeholders and the society
within the above perspective, we strive to be a leader in our sector by managing our activities in an integrated manner with our sustainability approach.

Our Innovation Policy

  • To develop unique solutions for process innovations,
  • To develop unique solutions to increase and maintain our marketing effectiveness,
  • To gain new competencies by including critical technologies in the areas of unmanned technologies and robotics,
  • To strengthen our organizational structure to support innovative, free and original thinking.

RST is a member of the following organizations:

  • Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association of Turkey (SSI)
  • Defence Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD)
  • Communication Technologies Cluster (HTK)
  • Ostim Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA)
  • Teknokent Defense Industry Cluster (TSSK)

Our Certificates and Memberships

RST carries out a rigorous quality policy in order to continuously improve all activities within the organization and to meet customer expectations at the highest level and in this context, it fulfills the requirements of the following certificates:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate: We work in line with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Requirements to ensure that our products and services are continuously improved and delivered with a management approach that aims to exceed the expectations of our customers.

National and NATO Facility Security Certificates: It has been documented by the Ministry of National Defense and NATO, where our facility meets the required security standards and the protection measures are appropriate for the physical security of the classified data, projects and materials in our facility.



The basic principles of our policy are: effective process management, advanced technology engineering and consultancy solutions, continuous development, environmental awareness, sustainability and customer-oriented engineering understanding that surpasses customer expectations.