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The increase in GPS jamming incidences threatens the positioning services in both civilian and military usage, seriously. Therefore, the protection from GPS jammers becomes crucial for almost all systems that need navigation.

RST has developed an Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna System that is composed of Active Antenna Array and Electronic Unit. System is not a GPS receiver. It works as a jamming protection unit that is employed in front of the GPS receiver. It takes GPS signals by 4 antennae and retransmits it from one processed channel.

Typical performance values are below.

Jamming Resistance Performance Maximum Effective Range (Standard GPS Receiver)Maximum Effective Range (GPS Receiver with GPS Anti-Jamming Performance)
10 mW1 km20 m
1W10 km200 m
100 W100 km1,8 km
1 kW316 km6 km