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Technical Specifications

Operating Frequency Band
X Bant

Detection (%80 Pd and 10-6 Pfa)
  • Human: > 15 km
  • Big vehicle: >28 km
  • UAV (RKA=0,01 m2): >6 km
  • Helicopter: >25 km
  • Velocity Detection 0,2 – 100 m/s
  • Elevation Beamwidth 20°

Azimuth≤ 1° (RMS)
Range≤ 5 m
Velocity≤ 0,2 m/s
Azimuth≤ 2°
Range≤ 15 m
Azimuth Coverage360º
Scanning Rate90°/san
Target Detection+200 while TWS

UAV Detection Radar is used for low altitude moving targets over land or sea.

While it performs detection and classification, it provides angle, range, Radar Cross Section, radial velocity, heading, width of Doppler Frequency Spectrum, target tracking over map information of targets.

Precise and State of Art

It detects low RCS targets with remarkable range performance which is very important in today’s threat environment. It is powered by solid state transmitter and it is drived by user friendly open architecture software.

Mobile & Flexible

With it is unique design, it can be located anywhere easily. It can be integrated to car, track, trailer etc. easily. It supports Industry-standard communication interface.

Robust and Reliable

With high MTBF and low MTTR, it is autonomous system to operate under all-weather and day and night conditions.

Basic Functions
  • Low altitude moving target detection over land and sea.
  • Detection classification
  • Angle, range, Radar Cross Section, radial velocity, heading, width of Doppler Frequency Spectrum
  • Target tracking over map
  • Track While Scan capability
Clutter Supression≥ 45 dB
Weight≤ 75 kg
Dimensions120 x 500 x 750 mm
Operational Readiness≤ 10 dakika
Operating Temperature-40 - +60 °C
Storage Temperature-50 - +70 °C
MTBF5000 hours