Transportable Polarimetric Weather Radar

RST has a ready-to-use Ka-Band radar available as a commercial product developed with the company’s own capital.

The radar provides high resolution experimental meteorological measurements and can be used to detect very slow moving ground, air and weather targets.

RST’s Ka-Band radar that is capable of detecting low RCS targets is a ready-to-use solution for drone incidents frequently encountered near airports and highly strategic facilities.



  • 5 High resolution for experimental measurements in Ka Band
  • 5Suitable for meteorological measurements
  • 5Detect low RCS targets
  • 535 GHz center frequency
  • 5High range resolution
  • 5High doppler resolution
  • 5Detection of very low moving targets
  • 5Generating range profile and doppler signature of targets
  • 5Raw data recording capability
RST Technology