Electronic Warfare Systems

Active and Passive Electronic Warfare Systems

RST provides various system solutions in the field of Electronic Warfare Systems.

RST carries out studies on active and passive electronic warfare systems with or without pods at the system / subsystem level, related system analysis, IR seeker, radar testing and instrumentation solutions.

Radar Instrumentation

  • 5Development and update of EW programming (MDF)
  • 5Working with real systems instead of simulators
  • 5Cost saving programming approach
  • 5Understanding weakness and strength of threat systems on site

IR System Instrumentation

  • 5Easily adaptable to new IR threats
  • 5Development and update of countermeasures
  • 5Proper for both laboratory and open-area tests
  • 5Quick setup and deployment

EW Test and Training Range

  • 5EW pilot combat readiness training agains real air defense system
  • 5Understanding threat systems rapidly
  • 5Find out weakness and strength of air defense system before engaging them at real air combat environment
  • 5Join flight training possibility with allied countries
RST Technology