Vision & Mission

We aim to be a brand that takes steps to be the pioneer of change and development, supports creativity and new ideas, and prides its country and employees with the knowledge, service and technology we produce.



Thanks to our product and result oriented approach in civil and military fields and our unique and advanced technology based products and solutions, we can realize the responsibilities and services, to be a company that is able to fulfill our responsibilities and the services we provide to our domestic and international customers quickly and effectively, and that is trusted and sought by both our solution partners and customers.



Our vision is to develop and manufacture high-tech products, mainly radio-frequency and electro-optic sensor technologies and electronic warfare simulators, that include civil and military electronic applications in the national and international arena, and to provide services related to these products.

Our Strategy

  • 5Growing by developing new products in new markets and existing business areas
  • 5Being the most preferred brand that meets customer requirements and expectations effectively.
  • 5To offer innovative products and services by keeping the innovation process and creativity at the top.
  • 5Trying to serve beyond customer expectations with the awareness that success is possible only by meeting customer expectations.
  • 5Being the most preferred company by aiming excellence in human resources processes and increasing the benefits provided to employees.
RST Technology