Explosive Device Detection &
Disposal Robot

GAMBI is an unmanned system that is equipped with the latest technology and can be remote-controlled; consists of a highly mobile, durable, light and uniquely designed robot and task-specific handmade explosive (IED) detection or destruction payloads that can be easily integrated.

Remote Sensing Technologies

Detection and Disposal

All in One Robot

It can operate with 2 essential modes. One is detection mode, the other is disposal mode.

Detection Mode

The Sensor can detect metallic and plastic explosives embedded underground with a high precision.

Disposal Mode

The Sensor can be replaced with a gripper integrated robotic arm to be used for disposal purposes.



  • 5Portable, can be carried by two people
  • 5Compatible with MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461
  • 5Operates between -30 C° +60 C°
  • 5Wireless range: 300 m / Wired: 100 m
  • 5Lightweight (~65 kg)
  • 5Size: (w:67 x l:80 x h:82 cm)
  • 5Climb over: Vertical obstacles (20 cm)
  • 5Trench (40 cm), Gradient (50%), Side slope (20%)
  • 5Microphone & Speaker (for two-way communication)
  • 5Two hours continuous operation in rough terrain
  • 5Day/night PTZ Surveillance camera (360° two-axis rotatable, up to x30 zoom)
  • 5One front, one rear driving cameras
  • 5One arm camera
  • 5Lightening (front, rear and arm)
  • 5LED and IR Surveillance camera lighting
  • 5Rugged Tablet with Joystick Controller
  • 5Multi-language GUI
  • 5Live video recording/screenshot
  • 5Visual and audible warnings
Secure Pedestrian Path Marking

Explosive Device Detection & Disposal Robot

Width x Length
(Including Sensor Panel)

875 mm x 2020 mm (Sensor Extended)

875 mm x 2020 mm (Sensor Extended)


1720 mm (Camera at the highest position)

1080 mm (Camera at the lowest position)

Weight (Including sensor)140 kg
Metallic Anti-Personnel Mine
(Including sensor)

PMN type mine

Up to 10 cm

Metallic Anti-Tank MineM6A2, M15 type mine
Up to 30 cm

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